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IgniteDA is a trusted mentor and champion for the entire life cycle of a dental assistant’s career.

There are more than 300,000 dental assistants in the United States today. Every one of them should be recognized for the valuable role they play in the lives of their patients and the bottom line of their businesses. At IgniteDA, our goal is to help dental assistants understand this role and flourish in their businesses and careers

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empowering, enlightening and educating all dental assistants at any stage of their careers.

Welcome to a free continuing education community designed specifically for dental assistants. Providing live local events, online webinars, extensive online educational resources from key opinion leaders and mentors and so much more.

igniteDA helps thousands of dental assistants across the world continue their education daily.

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How can Ignite DA help me?

Look, it is easy to feel like you’re all alone out there. You’re the only one fighting battles ranging from getting along in the practice to earning respect to learning some new ways to help your patients more. We’ve been there. We’ve done that. We’re here to help you.

This site is designed specifically for dental assistants. For more than a decade, we’ve been listening to your biggest pain points and ways that your day gets derailed. We’ve been building this site with you and your struggles in mind. Come on in. Explore. Meet some new friends. Share your problems and learn how others have coped with those same issues. It’s all about community. It’s all about dental assistants here at IgniteDA.

How can I get involved?

If you’re looking to lead, speak, write or just want to earn some extra cash as a dental assistant thought leader, we’re always looking for fresh ideas, passion and drive..


What does Ignite DA cost?

Everything on IgniteDA is free. We’ve teamed with some of the best companies in the dental industry to ensure that cost is never a barrier for any dental assistant who wants to learn and improve himself or herself.

We’re here for you … and that includes making sure we don’t hurt your wallet.

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Connecting our community with the right people and partners is a large part of our mission. igniteDA has multiple sponsorship opportunities available on several levels.


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