Fortune Management is an organization committed to helping doctors and their teams turn their dreams into realities. We believe in the best balance of practice management and personal development, to create not only the structure but, more important, the culture to create an extraordinary practice and an extraordinary life for the people who work within the profession and for the patients they serve.


Listen to the “Practice Mastery” podcast hosted by Fortune Management featuring industry thinkers and doers on how to make the most out of your chosen profession. Explore practice management breakthroughs, new technology, and colleague success stories in these easy to listen to, on-the-go episodes.


Download “How To Create Your Ideal Practice” to discover the key factors to dental practice success. In every dental practice, five key business engines can drive you toward a clear vision. Learn what the five business engines are and how you can leverage them to achieve greatness.


Watch video testimonials of real Fortune Practice Management clients. 

Every success story is different and delivered from a real customers perspective.

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