Have you reviewed your 401K performance this year? Have you taken the time to go through all of your credit cards to see which ones have the highest interest rate and should be eliminated? Have you sworn off ever shopping at IKEA because you dread the process of clearing your head so you can fully immerse yourself in the instructions for how to put that 19-piece bench together? Just reading those statements probably made your palms start to sweat a bit, right? Well, the news that is not really news is that we are all humans and humans are conditioned to advance towards pleasure and retreat from pain, even if that pain is reading something that makes you a bit nervous. Okay, so where are we going here? Well, not that dental has any high-avoidance topics that rival the ones mentioned above, but there is one that probably deserves more attention and focus than it has historically received – Dental Infection Control.

So, to make it easier for dental professionals to get information on this topic, Hu-Friedy has embarked upon on initiative to deliver easy-to-read, relevant content on the topic of Dental Infection Control and Instrument Reprocessing.

Infection control is one area of dentistry that is rapidly changing. New scientific understandings, technological advancements, and expanding guidelines and regulations make the topic difficult to keep up with. What’s more, it’s not the primary point of interest for any dental hygienist or dentist, which makes reading up on it feel like a chore. However, Hu-Friedy has a wealth of resources that break down this all-important topic into something that is digestible, easy-to-understand, and maybe even enjoyable.

We have webinars on the topic, including “WORKING SMARTER, NOT HARDER” and “WHY INSTRUMENT PROCESSING MATTERS”, which are conversational in presentation and provide visuals to help you understand the topic better.

More recently, we have a series of eBooks on the topic. In PART I: GETTING STARTED AS THE INFECTION CONTROL COORDINATOR, we take you through the importance of infection prevention and the crucial first steps in setting up an infection control program and protocols that are effective, efficient and compliant.

In PART II: INSTRUMENT REPROCESSING, you’ll get a solid foundation in today’s best practices in instrument reprocessing: everything from the flow of dirty to clean in the sterilization area to how to properly transport, clean, sterilize, and store instruments. Additionally, a list of helpful and essential resources for infection prevention and control are included, further helping you to achieve success in your instrument reprocessing program.

These efforts are just the beginning of our drive to make infection control make sense. We are finalizing a revelatory new e-book, in partnership with Dental Products Report, that will be published shortly. This forthcoming title will present insights from a custom study of dentists on what they are doing to enhance efficiency, productivity and safety in their practices. Likewise, we are excited about another e-book we are publishing, which will feature some of the leading voices in dental. This e-book will focus on tips and recommendations from an esteemed group of dental influencers regarding behind-the-scenes moves practices can make to get them ahead of the curve.

We’re confident that you will find these resources useful, and perhaps even enjoyable. At the very least, we’re pretty positive they are more enjoyable – and easier to understand – than your 401k statements or your tax forms.

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