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RevenueWell increases production from your existing patients by keeping them engaged, educated and coming back to your office for all recommended maintenance and care. How? It uses a combination of email, direct mail, text messages, phone calls and social media to help you stay connected with your patients — improving their health and your bottom line.


What is RevenueWell?

Dr. Rice and RevenueWell


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Support Team
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2275 Half Day Rd
Suite 337
Bannockburn, IL 60015
p: 847-597-1745
f: 847-423-0348
e: partners@revenuewell.com

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When doctors talk about growing their practices, the conversation often revolves around getting more new patients. Do I need a new website? Do I advertise on Google? Should I put a billboard up on Main Street? While every practice needs new patients to stay healthy, the truth is getting enough of them them through the door is one of the most expensive ways to grow your bottom line. Why?

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5 ways to boost production with RevenueWell

When dental offices think growth, they often think about attracting new patients. Yet most practices can grow faster and more predictably by doing more dentistry with patients they already have. Here are five ways RW can help you to get that done.

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