New Dental Patients Are No Silver Bullet

When doctors talk about growing their practices, the conversation often revolves around getting more new patients. Do I need a new website? Do I advertise on Google? Should I put a billboard up on Main Street? While every practice needs new patients to stay healthy, the truth is getting enough of them them through the door is one of the most expensive ways to grow your bottom line. Why?

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3 Stats to Beat for a Successful Practice

Running a successful business is – quite literally – a numbers game. Not just one of dollars and cents, but also statistical trends that illuminate WHY your bottom line moves the way it does each year. Keeping track of these numbers can help you understand the strength of your processes, the effectiveness of programs you’ve put in place, and your overall ability to execute on those processes day in and day out. Then challenging yourself to continually surpass those numbers is how you get ahead. So, what are this year’s three stats to beat?

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