Get Organized for Your New Years Resolution

“The dental office is a busy place. You want to focus on what matters most – time with the patient and infection control. Utilizing a color code system will help you become more organized, prepared and efficient.” – Lori Trost, DMD

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Get Organized with Color!

I love color. I love being organized. Bringing the two together in my life makes me one happy camper. Because of the organization and labeling at Zirc, I’m able to quickly find what I need for whatever project I have on my plate for the day. I feel a sense of calm when everything has a place, and is easily accessible. Without the organization in the office, I would definitely be stressing out!
If you feel stressed out, overwhelmed, or like you have ZERO time on your hands; Zirc has some awesome tips and tricks to help you achieve an efficient, less stressful practice.
How, you ask? By organizing and color-coding your instruments, materials, and procedure set-ups using Zirc’s color-code system!

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